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Wildheart Lip Gloss

Wildheart Lip Gloss || Spoil Me Beautiful || Beautybar


This colour is a deep red gloss. Buildable from a tint to more intense colour.

*(model is wearing this colour at its deepest intensity possible)



Available 10 shades!


Formulated with plant-based occlusive ingredients, such as COCONUT OIL, SHEA BUTTER, COCOA BUTTER and CANDELILLA WAX, that leave a protective barrier on the surface of the lips to lock-in moisture.


Contains plant-based oils such as SUNFLOWER, GRAPE SEED and JOJOBA OIL, to penetrate and nourish the delicate skin layers of the lips from the inside to preserve softness and fullness.


Packed with VITAMIN E and ANTIOXIDANTS such as CHAMOMILE and ROSEMARY EXTRACT, to improve lip skin structure and soften fine lines.


Spoil Me Beautiful products are 100% vegan, cruelty-free and made with organic ingredients.


0.32 oz/9 ml

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