tortoise straight razor || dovo || beautybar


tortoise straight razor

tortoise straight razor || dovo || beautybar

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if you are looking for a razor easy on the eyes and loaded with special features, the dovo ‘dovo special’ straight razor 5/8” definitely will be a contender. a handsomely mottled faux tortoise shell handle sports the dovo name in silver while the blade celebrates its creator and name with a sunburst in gold. the full hollow grind means the experienced wet shaver will appreciate the blade, and the rounded heel and point keep it forgiving for men who are upgrading. jimps on the tang aid in a secure grip, and the hand of a master is seen in the pleasing geometric design near the blade. special, indeed, this model earns the moniker.


moving into its second century of peerless blade making with grace, the dovo company offers quality solingen cutlery, personal care items and, of course, amazing razors. review the models we have sourced for our canadian traditional shaving clientele and find your daily shaving companion. german made above standard set by the industry, dovo will not disappoint.


hand-ground 5/8". 

hollow ground blade.

manufactured for by dovo of solingen, germany.



* this razor is not pre-honed. even if dovo solingen will sharpen their razors before packaging, the razors might require some honing before first usage.

welcome, beauties!

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