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Tonka Body Mist 8.45 fl. oz

Tonka Body Mist 8.45 fl. oz


A new way of perfuming yourself Halfway between perfume and care, Solinotes Body Mist relies on a gentle water-based and alcohol-free formula and moisturizes your skin and hair without being sticky. With its light and gentle formula, it is a good way to refresh your body. Do not hesitate to spray it several times during your day, like a scented touch-up! This mist of freshness and light scent will hydrate you all year round: in the winter when you get out of the shower all over your body and hair, or even in the summer to cool down on a beach day! Breathe a whirlwind of positive vibes in your beauty routine with our collection of joy in a bottle! • When you prepare for a long and intense day, use the mood boosting power of Tonka: it’s FORTIFYING. • Notes: Passion fruit and Almond; Jasmine and Tonka Bean; Vanilla and Sandalwood 250ml - 8.45 fl. oz

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