tell me 'pout it hydrating lip mask

tell me 'pout it hydrating lip mask || maskeraide


infused with an ultra moisturizing blend of manuka honey, fermented rose, grapefruit oil and a unique berry complex, this lip mask will turn your lips into the hydrated, smoothed, primed and perfectly kissable pout in no time. dry and flaky lips get their instant hydration boost and an ever-desired plump in only 10-15 minutes.

how to  use:
1. make sure your lips are dry and makeup free.
2. open packet, remove the protective film from the gel patch and lift the patch up from its tray.
3. apply the flat side of the patch to the lips. the patch will be oversized to cover the skin around the lips. press down firmly to adhere to the lips and press out any air bubbles.
4. leave on for 10-15 minutes. a slight tingle may occur and is perfectly normal.
5. remove patch and discard. now put on your makeup as usual for the perfect pout!

welcome, beauties!

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