sugar acai age-delay body scrub

sugar acai age-delay body scrub


Sugar Açaí age-delay body scrub is enriched with açaí oil, which is extremely hydrating, provides fabulous antioxidant protection, and helps to maintain elasticity in the skin. It also includes skin-softening sugar and citrus fruit acids (natural alpha hydroxy acids) that gently remove dull, dry skin cells - the ones that make your skin look dull. The formula is enriched with sugar apple extract to enhance collagen production and improve inter-cellular cohesion and sweet almond protein to naturally firm, lift, and smooth the skin's surface.

It has an addictive scent! Bergamot, caramel, and exotic açaí fruit laced, with undertones of white and green tea make Sugar Acai Age-Delay Body scrub one of the most delightfu scrubs out there!
The acai berry is known as a super-fruit because it is rich in vitamins and anthocyanins, the same pigments found in red grapes that provide antioxidant value. Fresh's signature sugar is a natural humectant and skin soother that helps to prevent moisture loss, while it smoothes and revitalizes.

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