spotted! anti-blemish clear spot patches

spotted! anti-blemish clear spot patches || maskeraide


introducing spotted! anti-blemish clear spot patches to help minimize, detoxify & calm those pesky pimples.

uh-oh! caught off guard and spotted with a blemish? kick those unwelcome guests to the curb with our emergency spot patches that help clear unwanted acne. minimize the look of pesky pimples, absorb excess oil and calm redness with a blend of salicylic acid, volcanic ash and tea tree oil. these clear miracle workers deliver continuous blemish fighting benefits so you can say bye-bye to those unwanted spots on your face.

  • no parabens
  • no artificial fragrance
  • no artificial pigments

contains 0.5% salicylic acid. dermatologist tested.

sleeve contains 2 individually wrapped sheets - 24 clear spot patches in total. each sheet contains 12 clear spot patches (2 sizes spot patches).

box contains 8 wrapped sheets 12 per sheet (96 total)

to use:

  1. cleanse & dry the affected area(s). peel clear patch off sheet and apply to an active blemish, or any spot where you feel a blemish developing.
  2. press gently until it adheres to skin and leave on for 8-12 hours or overnight for best results. do not apply make-up or any other products on top.
  3. remove patch when done and dispose.

    welcome, beauties!

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