Spiked Juniper 500 mL Water Bottle || BKR || Beautybar – beautybar


Spiked Juniper 500 mL Water Bottle

Spiked Juniper 500 mL Water Bottle || BKR || Beautybar


Inspired by the emotional resuscitation of a childhood friendship at a rooftop bar five stories above the chaos of rush hour, an intense feeling of deep gratitude mixed with the regret of having let so much time pass, a menu devoted to fancy gin and tonics, the air filled with botanicals and the scents of elderflower tonic, blackberries, Meyer lemon, lavender, Thai basil, grapefruit, ginger, rosemary, a loud chatter all around us, awkward first dates we both totally noticed, herbaceous sips between endless conversation peppered with hugs and heartache, talking in the shorthand of old friends with a slightly strange square one subtext. In the end, we always go back to the people who were there in the beginning.


*Opaque mossy blue-green 500 mL

welcome, beauties!

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