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Sneaker Wrapping Paper (Grey)

Sneaker Wrapping Paper (Grey)


2 sheets

69 cm x 31 cm | 12.2 inch x 27.17 inch

70 grams 

Made of agricultural waste, recyclable, sustainable & ecological

Nature Paper from PaperWise*

Made in The Netherlands

Packaged in a clear protective sleeve

The sheets are folded in the protective sleeve

PaperWise wrapping and gift paper is made from the plant residues left over from agriculture. When farmers in developing countries take their food crops such as rice, wheat, barley, hemp and sugar cane off the land, the inedible stems and leaves are left over. Instead of burning this agricultural waste (causing smog and other pollution), it is now turned into the most beautiful and sustainable wrapping paper. 
Made in Netherlands

welcome, beauties!

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