silky c serum


anti-aging starts at the cellular level: environmental damage and changes in cellular function deep within the skin produce losses in vitality, tone and firmness. restorative protocols energize the skin's youthful physiology, aiding in renewal and repair.

this reinforcing formulation uses a blend of retinol, vitamin C, lutein and soy isoflavones to strengthen the skin while boosting tone and firmness. it exfoliates away dead, dull skin cells and protects with antioxidants, leading to enhanced radiance and skin health. the complexion is left hydrated, smoothed and fortified.

+ optimizes hydration
+ reinforces skin's foundation
+ increases dermal vitality

apply a small amount to face. may also be used to nourish under eye area.

30ml / 1fl.oz

Collections: ddf, skin care

Type: serums

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