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firming, sculpting & toning lotion with lobster weight loss inspired technology.

shrinking beauty was inspired by the lobster’s ability to shrink and wiggle free from its shell. this formula borrows from exotic botanicals to help improve the appearance of cellulite and perfect the curves mother nature meant us to flaunt.

this formulation contains:
• botanical blend: zizyphus spinosa, euglena gracilis extract, glaucium flavum extract, myrica cerifera (bayberry) extract, cynara scolymus (artichoke) extract
• theobromine, methyl xanthine, paraxanthine, hedera helix (ivy) extract – creates a smoother, nearly dimple-free appearance to skin
• clinically proven to lose up to 1” in 2 weeks of continued use.

clinical study participants experienced on average:
•.45 inch reduction in thigh measurements after 2 weeks of continued use.
• 75% of panelists felt skin was less dimpled.
• 100% of panelists felt skin was smoother.

165ml / 5.5fl.oz

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