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the quality of a hairspray is defined by the fact that it should not make the hair wet or weigh it down, besides that it should have enough fixation strength. the fine spray mist of the session sprays makes sure the hair is not weighed down or wet after applying. it also is very easy to brush out!  

high-performance styling spray for controlling, fixating and finishing. Balmain Paris Hair Couture has developed a controlling, fixing and finishing strong hold hairspray for endless creativity. the spray is humidity resistant and gives immediate shine and body. session spray strong contains UV protection. the ingredients, silk protein and argan oil, stimulate an optimal moisture retention within the hair cell, repair and protect damaged, dry and weak hair from environmental extremes.

the styling line has a wonderful signature fragrance, a unique blend of notes which will steal you away to the perfect summer’s day. each time the products are used, they enrich hair with nurturing ingredients and fragrance hair with this mysterious, feminine and sexy scent. 

• high-performance styling spray
• use for controlling, fixing and finishing.
• long lasting control 

backstage secret: you can give hair a lot of hold and bounce by spraying it liberally over your hair and then either put heated rollers into your hair, use a curling iron or pull the hair ends through a flat iron. then apply some more hair spray to give your hairdo hold. this is how it is done backstage for the big fashion events.  

300 ml / 10.14 fl.oz

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