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riki colorful mirror palette

riki colorful mirror palette || rikilovesriki || beautybar


riki colorful is the new solution to optimizing cosmetic storage and mobile makeup application. travel with your favorite makeup collection and your vanity mirror all in one place! the riki colorful comes with
magnetic storage space and a depotting tool to create your own personalized palette without the bulk! the days of an overstuffed makeup bag are over!
the riki colorful portable lighted vanity mirror is all you need for a full-faced look on-the-go.

• optimum lighting
• rechargeable battery
• three stage dimming
• strong magnetic base
• ultra lightweight
• shatterproof mirror

the riki colorful includes the following:
(1) closed size (10*5.5*2cm) / (6" x 4" x  3/4")
(1) inside palette dimension (13.5*9.5*.7cm) / (5.3" x 3.75" x .28")
(1) fits any cosmetic or tool up to 6.5mm / 1/4" in height 
(1) micro usb cable
(1) magnetic stickers (20)
(1) custom depotting tool

welcome, beauties!

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