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revitalizing conditioner

revitalizing conditioner || balmain hair couture ||beautybar


keep your hair smooth, polished and energetic by using the revitalizing conditioner!

time for an energy boost! the revitalizing conditioner is the ultimate lightweight, nourishing conditioner for dry and damaged hair. the revitalizing formula restores the hair’s vitality without adding weight. 

the revitalizing line is enriched with the best quality ingredients to revitalize the hair from the inside. the revitalizing formula includes a fine selection of vitamins E, F and P. vitamin E gives a boost to the hair and revitalizes the hair from within. vitamin F keeps the scalp healthy, whereas vitamin P repairs dry and damaged hair, strengthens the hair fibers and nourishes the hair from the root. due to the cashmere and silk ingredients in the luxurious revitalizing line, the hair will feel smooth and silky soft. the ultimate ingredients for shiny, lustrous locks.

• paraben free
• optimal nutrition for damaged hair
• creates smooth and polished hair

10.14 fl.oz / 300ml

welcome, beauties!

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