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IPO Cosmetics

Recover 4-Step Facial with 2 Pouches

Recover 4-Step Facial with 2 Pouches || IPO Cosmetics || BB


Recover 4 Step Facial -1 pouch. Recover is all about Deep Moisturization your skin needs. They are great for dry skin, it helps to nourish and hydrate dull tired skin. Recover will help to soothe the breakout and troubled skin from wearing the protective face mask. They are great for all skin types and your skin will look like you had a good night sleep. Our 4 Step complete facial contains: Step1. Facial Cleansing Foam. Step2. Microfiber Sheet Mask. Step3. Moisturizing Cream. Step4. Revitalizing Eye Cream. Step 1, 3, 4 can be used more than once. They are perfect for weekly at home facial, great to take on a short get away, camping. No need to pack heavy toiletries for short or long trips. Pack few pouches and you are ready to go, no need to worry about leaving out a product you need to have on your trip.

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