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Rainbow Beach Glass / Sea Glass Soap

Rainbow Beach Glass / Sea Glass Soap


Individual single-serving hand soap.

These eco-friendly pieces of sea glass soap are something you can feel good about using as a single use item. 

Single-use straws, single-use floss, single-use coffee cups. Single-use 

According to plastic-pollution.org, these high-convenience products end up contributing to the eight million metric tons of plastic that have found their way to our oceans, equivalent to five grocery bags for every foot of coastline in the world.

But aqua beach glass soap? Well, this is a Sealuxe single-use product you can use with environmental pride. Pick up one glittery emerald in your hands and wash as you would normally, until dissolved. 

Single serving hand soap. Take one piece and wash up until it's used up. Smells like a bowl of grapefruit.

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