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r1 & r1-s razor stand - black

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modern design ethos is encapsulated in this innovation, using a simple but elegant creative fabrication which has been applied in the manufacture of the Bolin Webb Stand for r1 razor. don't make a mess on the counter, instead use this uniquely styled pebble shaped stand which is suitable only for the r1 and r1-s Bolin Webb razors. this sleek razor stand has a modern satin nero top finish and a cleverly constructed elastomer grip base to hold your razor for easy and convenient access anytime.

Bolin Webb stands out from other razor manufacturers because of its distinct and unique modern designs which go into all their shaving products and accessories, using contemporary and state-of-the-art modern technology.

compatible with r1 and r1-s Bolin Webb razors. razors sold separately.

welcome, beauties!

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