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Pink Flower Blooming Hand Cream - Water Lily 100ml

Pink Flower Blooming Hand Cream - Water Lily 100ml


Brighten my hands with ingredients extracted from petals!
Nourishes the cuticles of the hands and nails

Alba water lily extract 100mg
As a cream-type hand cream, the water lily extract protects your hands from external stress
and forms a moisture film to keep your hands moist and smooth.

Petal extract is effective for shine and moisture makes your hands are smooth with active ingredients.
In addition, it can be used on the body such as elbows and heels due to its generous capacity.

Quick absorption rate of light cream formulation!
As a moisture-oriented hand cream, it spreads gently on the skin
without feeling greasy and is quickly absorbed into the skin.
It is recommended for those who use a hand cream and use their hands a lot right away as it contains less oil.

Subtle long-lasting fragrance
The scent of flowers reminiscent of a natural garden lasts for a long time,
leaving you with a subtle reverberation.

Made in South Korea

1. Apply and spread the product onto your hand
2. Apply whenever your skin feels dry

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