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PEACE OF MIND - Gemstone Intensions Bracelet

PEACE OF MIND - Gemstone Intensions Bracelet


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Adjustable Gemstone Intention Bracelet PERIDOT + GREEN GOLDSTONE

Carry the vibrational energy of emotional healing Crystal healers believe that vibrations exist in both crystals and living beings. Therefore, energy flows freely throughout the body when wearing your Bracelet by connecting your essence with the crystal. It is even more powerful when you link this practice with a specific intention for what you wish to create or change within yourself.

Gemstones measure ca.3 mm in size and are strung on an adjustable, durable cotton silk cord. One size fits all, i.e., serves 6-9 inch wrist sizes.

Each Bracelet comes on a beautiful 3.3 in x 2.16 in. information card with a matching gift envelope.

Made in the United States 

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