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the serum for healthier, fuller-looking brows. anastasia's advanced pentapeptide chain, comprised of 5 peptides at 10%, has been clinically proven to encourage the growth of thicker, longer-looking hair in 100% of trial subjects. with regular twice-daily use, you can achieve fuller, longer and more youthful-looking brows with less breakage.

features and benefits:

- hypoallergenic and dermatologist tested.

- paraben-free and ph balanced to avoid irritation.

- formula is enriched with peptides, botanical extracts and vitamins to help strengthen and condition skin and brow hair.

- helps retain moisture in skin and hair.

- helps build stronger, fuller and thicker looking hair with less breakage. novel peptides, botanical extracts, and vitamin enriched formula will improve the appearance of thin, sparse and short brow hair.

pro tips: for best results, use brow enhancing serum advanced on clean brows in the morning and evening. it can be applied before you put on your normal makeup and after you remove your makeup before bed. for new pens, you will need to twist the pen clockwise for 6-10 clicks or until you see the serum start to appear in the brush. after the initial use, you will only need to twist the pen a few times to get the serum in the brush for application. be sure to carefully replace the cap after each use to ensure the specialized pen and brush does not fray or dry out.

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