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massive length mascara

massive length mascara || amaterasu || beautybar


finding an excellent mascara can sometimes be like finding a needle in a haystack. you’ve got specific requirements that may or may not be realistic but who’s to say you can’t have it all? introducing the massive length mascara. as the name suggests, it is the ultimate makeup product you’ll ever need to lengthen, curl and volumize your lashes.

be prepared to be stopped and asked, “who did your lash extensions?” as this formula truly caters to those who are looking to elongate and keep their lashes curled all day like nobody’s business. we also made sure your dream mascara is waterproof, smudge-proof and flake-proof to keep it consistent with the rest of our collection.

to further achieve that long-lasting curl, massive length mascara also comes with a specially designed curved brush that when paired with the exclusive Amaterasu formula truly enhances the curling action. straight, barely there and limp lashes will become a thing of the past.

 product benefits:

  • elongate your lashes with up to 6 times your natural lash length
  • curved brush enhances curling action
  • our innovative tubing formula won’t irritate the eyes
  • water-proof, smudge-proof; removes easily by massaging with warm water

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