maison noir collection - home ambience diffuser - pomegranate blood orange


Voluspa pomegranate blood orange diffuser is ripe pomegranate and ruby blood orange ring iced with nectarine wedges and brut champagne.

maison noir is Voluspa's signature home collection. a modern mix of vintage shapes and pop colours, Voluspa's maison collection is a complete olfactory palate.

this ambience diffuser is uniquely designed with 18 fine gauge rattan reeds to increase the fragrance distribution. more reeds, more fragrance! packaged in a crisp paper wrapped box with colourful vintage images collaged to illustrate the inspiration for each maison fragrance.
lasts approximately 4-6 months
scent family: citrus / fruity
notes: blood orange, pomegranate
177ml / 6fl.oz

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