milk + sass

macaron for hair

macaron for hair


sweet and sophisticated, meet the bite-sized detangling hairbrush that kisses tangles goodbye. forget about that awful ripping and tearing sound when brushing your hair with other hairbrushes. macaron for hair detangles twice as fast on all hair types effortlessly, so all you experience is a velvety soft feel that is as special and sweet as can be.

macaron for hair is expertly crafted for any and every hair age, type, and texture. its design boasts milk + sass’ strategically sturdy radial bristles, which are placed at varying heights and widths to detangle all hair types quickly, painlessly, and without the breakage caused by other brushes.
created to fit comfortably in any hand and meticulously sculpted for lightweight balance, comfort and control. this petite all-inclusive brush is the perfect on-the-go accessory for any occasion.

welcome, beauties!

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