luxe cream soap - koke'e || malie organics || beautybar

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koke'e luxe cream soap

luxe cream soap - koke'e || malie organics || beautybar


pamper your skin and delight your senses with Malie's intensely moisturizing bar soap. featuring botanical ingredients that will transform your shower into a fragrant tropical getaway! 

this luxurious formula lathers beautifully (you can even shave with it) and the cold process method preserves the integrity of these natural ingredients and the benefits they have on the skin. this technique also creates a harder, longer-lasting bar of soap that won’t disintegrate in shower.

surround yourself with Hawaii’s natural foliage of wild plants and exotic florals. koke’e pairs the greenness of the islands’ native Maile vine with the tanginess of fresh pineapple. dewy florals and crisp greens bring to mind the breathtaking natural beauty of Hawaii’s mountainous terrain and lush rainforests. this clean, aromatic fragrance of tropical fruits and native Hawaiian plants dries down to a warm amber and tonka bean base that is reminiscent of warm sand and endless beaches.
• top: greens
• mid: muguet, jasmine
• base: amber, tonka, balsam


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