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Love Smudge Bundle

Love Smudge Bundle


Love is the very foundation, beauty & fulfillment of life. ♡

Your LOVE Smudge Bundle unites:
White Sage, Raw Rose Quartz, Palo Santo & Tibetan Sandlewood Rope Incense

•Burning sage is an ancient spiritual ritual established as a Native American cultural or tribal practice to enhance intuition. A smudging ceremony completed with your CALIFORNIA WHITE SAGE sacred Smudge Bundle is an excellent way to relieve the negativity in your soul or home & replace it with positive intentions and energy.

•ROSE QUARTZ is the Mother of all LOVE stones! It magnifies love and will support your intentions to give and receive true love and deep affection. This beautiful stone expresses peace and unconditional love, love for yourself, all souls & all creation. Work with rose quartz to open your Heart Chakra, reawaken trust, and eliminate what no longer serves you.

•PALO SANTO has the power to purify, Brighten your mood, attract positive energy, clear negative energy, and bring physical and spiritual healing.

•Burning SANDALWOOD ROPE INCENSE during cleansing rituals & meditation promotes openness and compassion. It uplifts and replenishes your soul with calm and soothing energy. Its refreshing and cozy fragrance also cleanses & fortifies the mind with positive energy and a renewed self-belief.

•LOVE keepsake CHARM and Dried Flowers to add Beauty, Love & Light!

•INFORMATION Card included.

•Each Bundle is tied with two beautiful ribbons.

*Please note: This product is handmade to order. Depending on the types of dried flowers available, each bundle may be slightly different, but the colors are always as pictured. We do our very best to make & ship you bundles that look the same as photographed … and we promise you that they are ALWAYS beautiful!

•All of our products come carefully packaged and ready to gift as pictured.

welcome, beauties!

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