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coconut vanilla linen & room spray

linen & room spray - coconut vanilla || malie organics


indulge in the natural confections of the Hawaiian Islands. coconut vanilla combines the decadence of caramelized banana, toasted sugarcane and luscious coconut with delicate tropical jasmine blossoms over a sensual, warm vanilla base.

infused with Hawaiian hydrosols, this organic spray brings the essence of paradise to your room and linens. Malie embodies the magnificence of Hawaii by distilling the tropical flora and creating Hawaiian hydrosols, the truest essence of the flower and the heart of the organic island ambiance linen and room spray.

spray the air with a light mist and create an uplifting atmosphere or spray on your linens before you drift into dreamland. relax and indulge in the aroma of paradise with Malie Organics. a simple instant way to scent any room in your home, the office, a hotel room or any space. enhance your personal environment and let the experience embrace you. uplift your senses with the exotic aromas of Hawaii.
sweet, nourishing coconut bears the tropical secret to soft, radiant skin that islanders have used for centuries. it protects and moisturizes with its fragrant oils, for a healthier, youthful appearance. this delicious blend of coconut and vanilla is a heavenly, full-bodied scent that fills the atmosphere with a sensual, relaxing aroma.

148ml / 5 fl.oz

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