let them eat cake

lipstick queen

“i’ve always been fascinated by the opulence of the court of Versailles and it was Marie Antoinette’s infamous misquote that ran through my head when i created this lipstick.” Poppy King, Lipstick Queen founder 
the lavender trend gets a Lipstick Queen makeover with "let them eat cake", a delicate lilac lipstick shot through with sugary rose gold sparkles that will light up your entire look. paying homage to Marie Antoinette’s lavish taste and her total rejection of the ordinary, Poppy created this ground-breaking and truly extraordinary lipstick that captures that same spirit of rebellion and decadence. pretty pastel is given a special metallic finish with a rock and roll edge that shimmers flirtatiously on the lips.
can be worn alone or as a topcoat, it will transform your favourite Lipstick Queen shade with its unique metallic pearl effect. the icing on the cake, if you will!

+ with anti-oxidant vitamin E and nourishing apricot kernel oil
+ suits all complexions
+ cool tones of lilac are cleverly countered with rose gold lustre pigments that catch the light and create voluptuous lips
+ the lilac trend made flattering

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