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microfiber hair towel

microfiber hair towel || kitsch || beautybar


  • significantly reduce the time it takes to blow dry your hair, and save your locks from heat damage with the kitsch microfiber hair towel
  • made of 100% ultra soft microfiber, these hair towels feature pretty prints and are super effective. significantly reduce frizz! because these towels create less friction with your hair, you are left with beautiful frizz-free locks.
  • premium quality turban-style towels leave your hair only slightly damp in a fraction of the time of a standard terry-cloth towel.
  • perfect for all hair types! these fast-drying towels are ideal for straight, curly, long, short, thick or thin hair.
  • ultra lightweight hair towels are washer and dryer safe. beautiful palm leaf print on a soft pink towel.

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