grand manchou botany ambiance diffuser set

grand manchou botany ambiance diffuser set || panpuri

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a contemporary interpretation of a traditional Chinese accord that opens with crisp, clear, fresh notes of spice and citrus. Chinese grapefruit and Australian eucalyptus pave the way for a nostalgic bouquet that is deep and elegant. rosewood oriental reveals its glorious past with a luxurious heart, enveloping the space with warmth and finesse.

to scent your ambience, fill 3/4 of the Panpuri diffuser glass vessel with the diffuser oil. immerse reed sticks into the glass vessel. reverse sticks two to three times to saturate. sticks will absorb the oil and diffuse scent. reverse sticks when desiring a fresh and more intense Panpurri scent. reed sticks should not be re-used with other scents.

set includes:
Panpuri glass vessel
grand manchou diffuser oil 15.1fl.oz / 450ml

made with 100% pure plant essential oils.

welcome, beauties!

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