exotic chandel - ashiki

dayna decker

Dayna Decker ashiki candle is an elegant multi-sensory unique blend of botanical creamy wax, richly infused with delicate essences of freesia, bergamot, red berry, black berry, gardenia, sandalwood, vanilla and musk. a copious accords of fruity floras married to inimitable alluring musk.
naturally chic. embellished with a beautiful, hand blown glass that mirrors nature, this candle is filled with Dayna Decker's signature botanical oils and natural wax blend. their proprietary eco wood wick adds an organic illumination and soothing cracking sound to enhance any environment.

primary scents: bergamot, berries, freesia, gardenia.
scent family: exotic.
burn time: 40 hours.

170g / 6 oz

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