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effortless breathable tinted primer - deep

effortless breathable tinted primer - deep || sunday riley

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a sheer, lightweight primer that oxygenates and plumps the skin. oil-free, oxygen-rich effortless breathable tinted primer is a multi-purpose wonder! rejuvenox keeps this perfecting primer completely ventilated and drenched in oxygen. sheer, porcelain-smooth coverage can be worn alone for a hint of color and even-toned radiance or layered under Sunday Riley foundation to extend the wear. paraben free. 
rejuvenox: oxygenates the skin, and increases moisture levels. reduces fine lines, wrinkles, and mild anti-acne effect.
sodium hyaluronate: a humectant that draws water to the skin. skin has less wrinkles and all-around fuller appearance. also keeps the primer fresh all day long.
glycerin: natural ingredient that attracts water to skin.
mica: sheer natural mineral that reflects light for more radiant skin.
nylon-12: reduces shine and feels silky, does not settle in lines.
peptide complex: increases skin elasticity and tone by increasing collagen.

30ml / 1 oz

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