vincent longo

duo lip pencil - toffee / toast

duo lip pencil - toffee / toast || vincent longo

$16.50 $33.00

two artful shades of creamy, gentle colour in one versatile lip pencil give you maximum creativity and less guess work for fast and easy application. Vincent’s amazingly resilient formula remains intact. it is smudge-resistant, does not chap lips and wears long and true. smile your way through a red carpet evening or a second cup of coffee.

• soft texture and rich pigment enable you to precisely define and shape your mouth.
• "staying power" holds your lip colour in place and eliminates bleeding.
• available in 10 duo shades to coordinate precisely with your favorite lipsticks and glosses.
• easy to blend with VL lip brushes #5, #6, #35, #36.
• pencil sharpens to a fine point without breakage.
• perfect for women of all ages.

trace your lip line with one shade of the pencil or a precisely colourmatched mixture of the two shades. to add fullness to your lips, draw a fine line that is just over the edge of your natural lip line. to reduce fullness, line just inside your lip edge. fill-in the lips with the lip pencil to create an even application of colour and to ensure lipstick and gloss last.

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