diamond lip gloss - traviata pink

vincent longo

diamond gloss is a lip-moisturizing, stardust-shimmering, full colour gloss. high-tech reflective pearls combine with pure pigment for a brilliant finish that wears significantly longer than traditional lip glosses.
• glides over lips with an ultra-silky, cushiony soft texture.
• aloe vera and vitamin E moisturize and condition the lip tissue.
• vanilla extract adds a beautiful fragrance.
for beautiful, lush looking lips, be sure to prep your lips with either Vincent Longo's lip and cheek gel stain or a lip pencil. this will also prevent your lips from looking bare or unshaped when the shine starts to wear away. then dab your choice of diamond lip gloss onto lips. using VL lip brush #35 or #36, completely paint lips up to and including the lip line.

Collections: make-up, vincent longo

Type: lip gloss

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