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demi-matte velour lipstick - saye rose

demi-matte velour lipstick - saye rose || vincent longo

$15.00 $30.00

saye rose is a burgundy rose with neutral undertones. Vincent’s demi-matte velour lipsticks beautify your lips with luxurious Longo classic colours while they rejuvenate, condition and volumize. you get deep, silky demi-matte colour that feels as amazingly beautiful as it looks, and lips that look naturally fuller and more youthful.
the new formula combines flower extracts and natural peptides to restore and fill out the lip’s surface. rose hip oil, with its naturally high level of vitamin C, also conditions and nourishes your lips. you can truly see and feel the beneficial beauty of these supersaturated demi-mattes - and so can everyone else!
• naturally-derived lip plumping action from flower extracts and natural peptides
• megadose of lip-conditioning vitamin C from rose hip oil
• super-saturated sophisticated colour in luxurious creamy formula

welcome, beauties!

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