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clinical grade resurfacing liquid peel

resurfacing peel || dr. dennis gross || beautybar


experience ultra-smooth, soft skin after just one use. this twice-weekly liquid peel dissolves interfering layers that inhibit fresh, radiant skin from rising to the surface. step 1 delivers a potent concentration of lactic, glycolic, and other alpha beta® acids combined with the enzymatic action of bromelain to effectively resurface the skin and jumpstart the renewal process. step 2 contains centella asiatica, green tea extract, and colloidal oatmeal to help restore a radiant complexion, help correct signs of aging and keep skin balanced. with continued use, skin’s tone and texture is more even and refined for a dramatic complexion overhaul. in a clinical study after just two weeks: 100% of subjects showed improvement in skin radiance. 95% of subjects showed improvement in skin texture. 83% of subjects showed improvement in the appearance of pores.

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