classic discovery set

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discover your signature scent in the tokyomilk parfumerie filled with our best selling brilliantly paired fragrance notes. crushed & distilled by margot elena. are you curious?

perfume sampler includes
6 x 0.23 oz mini dabber perfumes in honey & the moon, french kiss, gin & rosewater, kabuki, dead sexy, and let them eat cake.

fragrance features:
honey & the moon. subtly sweet: honey, sugared violet, jasmine & sandalwood.

french kiss. the sweetest kiss: mandarin, tuberose, gardenia & vetiver.

gin & rosewater. a beautiful balance: citrus zest, rosewood, mimosa & mandarin.

kabuki. time honored tradition: sugared grapefruit, lychee & sweet jasmine.

dead sexy. romantic & ethereal: deep vanilla, exotic wood, white orchid, ebony. our #1 most popular fragrance.

let them eat cake. a touch of decadence: sugar cane, coconut milk, vanilla orchid & white musk.

fill weight:
1.42 fl oz / 42 ml
0.23 fl oz (x6)

welcome, beauties!

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