botanika essence diffuser - sierra

dayna decker

Dayna Decker sierra large diffuser is an elegant multi-sensory unique blend of botanical oil richly infused with delicate essences of neroli flower, ananas leaf, sweet jasmine, musk, and bourbon vanilla. Dayna Decker botanika large diffusers are naturally chic, fresh and modern. the hand-blown, green vessels mirror nature and filled with the signature botanical oils created to complement the existing botanika collection. each vessel is packed with twenty light wood reed sticks that emit a mélange of complex notes and intense olfactory indulgences enhancing an environment. all of this comes packaged in a box with bold, graphic images of flowers that entice and seduce your senses.

primary scents: anise, jasmine, musk, neroli.
scent family: exotic

16oz / 473ml
lasts 9-12 months

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