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elevate a bath to the realms of heavenly pleasure with a few drops of Penhaligon's elixir. you will emerge delicately scented, and your skin beautifully moisturised.

created in 1978, this is the pure and unadulterated distillation of the scent of bluebell woods. the telltale earthy sweetness of hyacinths rises through the soft citrus head notes and mingles with rose, lily and jasmine at the heart. as it settles the flowers give way to spicy clove and cinnamon and the unique textural base note of bittersweet galbanum. tremendously evocative of wet earth, moss and rain, it instantly transports you to the woodland, surrounded by dripping leaves, skin tingling with spring.

these bath oils have a base of sweet almond oil, long embraced as natural giver of beauty and softness. whilst free of ungodly parabens, there is nonetheless a delicate secret ingredient which helps emulsifiying the oil. must be added to the full bath, not smashed under the running water.
Penhaligon's bath oils are made with the highest quality ingredients to moisturise and nourish the skin. the oil disperses quickly into the bath and is easily absorbed by the skin leaving your skin silky soft.


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