black metallic delft skull candle

dl & co

black shiny jar with metallic gold skull design.

this item showcases dl's signature delft skull. inspired by early imports of Chinese porcelain by the Dutch East India company, the candle has been rendered an image of entwining branches & leaves, flora & fauna into the distinct skull icon.

thorn apple scent.

fragrance notes: thorn apple's clean bouquet is enveloped by the trill of sharp, bright notes, partially obscuring its lush, verdant interior. like the horn-shaped blooms that seem to sound its arrival, thorn apples crisp scent foretells the sweet surrender to come. 

blend of soy and palm oil wax for an eco-friendly, clean burn. uses a lead-free cotton wick and premium grade fragrance oil. no added dyes or chemicals.

7.4oz tumbler, 45 hours of illumination.

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