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big bang theory - black hole

big bang theory - black hole || lipstick queen || beautybar

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shimmery deep wine
inspired by reading about the origins of big bang theory, poppy devised her own theory to create a lipgloss that produces the illusion of fuller lips but without the pain or tingle.
serum formula is totally stick free and not gloopy at all.
super sleek, moisturizing and leaves lips feeling conditioned

here's poppy's theory:
"women spend a lot of time looking for products that maximize the expansion of the lips. it seems like everyday there is a new lip-plumping creation, most of which are uncomfortable to use and end up in the black hole of your bathroom drawer. i've taken all of my knowledge of the lip cosmos and have put all my energy into designing these eight shades of gloss for a big bang effect. each shade has my exact ratio of shine to shimmer to create the illusion of fuller lips. so don't waste any more space on lip plumpers that sting - with the right formula, the possibilities for fuller-looking lips and luxurious comfort are infinite. my big bang theory is that with exactly the right ratio of shimmer to shine you can create the illusion of plumper lips." poppy king, lipstick queen founder.

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