baby balm lipstick - positano

vincent longo

an ideal lipstick and unique; gloss meets protective balm lipstick formula. moisturizers combine with pigments provide a sheer veil of sheen and color rendering the lips naturally sexy. it's extremely comfortable, emollient texture restores, heals and prevents the lips from aging.
•vitamins C and E paired with soothing apricot nut Oils protect and repair lips from free radical damage.
•high shine polymers provide a long lasting delicately glossy finish and a sheer veil of color.
•a balanced mix of waxes and lightweight oils create a thin protective lip barrier for a very comfortable feel.

sheer color lipsticks last longer when applied over defined lips. use Vincent Longo's lip pencil in a coordinating shade to shape and contour your mouth. beginning in the center of your lips, use VL brush #35 or #36 to paint a thin layer of color. completely paint lips up to and including the lip line. blot and paint a second layer of color.

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