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artemis hydroactive cellular face oil

artemis hydroactive cellular face oil || sunday riley

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a complexion-balancing blend of clarifying, toning, detoxifying oils for a clean and healthy glow. this sparkling, bright, lemon-scented serum helps balancing the complexion while providing clarifying and toning benefits. an essential oil complex of Australian medicinal plants, lemon ironbark and lemon myrtle provide anti-inflammatory, purifying, and cleansing support to the skin. milk thistle seed oil, black cumin seed oil, and pink grapefruit essential oil help fight redness and premature aging caused by toxins and inflammation. balanced with super CLA from pomegranate and omega 3 from flax seed for a "clean, healthy glow from within."

- lemon ironbark essential oil: a member of the eucalyptus family with a delicious lemon candy smell. has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic therapeutic properties.
- lemon myrtle essential oil: an Australian traditional medicinal oil, it is well known for its cleansing and purifying activity.
- pink grapefruit essential oil: beneficial toning and astringent effects, it has also been proven to stimulate the lymphatic system and circulation. balances oily skin.
- pomegranate seed oil: rich plant source of conjugated linoleic acid (super CLA), boosts ceramide synthesis, increases elasticity, retains skin moisture.
- black cumin seed oil: powerful therapeutic plant, contains compounds that fight premature aging by boosting the body’s production of immune cells. used in ayurvedic, Chinese, ancient Greek, and ancient - Egyptian herbal medicine.
- milk thistle seed oil: contains silymarin, proven to stimulate enzymes that fight toxins.
- flax seed oil: high in omega 3, soothes irritations and softens roughness.

30ml / 1fl.oz

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