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all that jazz lipstick

all that jazz lipstick || lipstick queen || beautybar

$19.00 $38.00

ladies and gentlemen, good evening and welcome to the show. lipstick queen is proud to present a sensational new lipstick that will shoot you and your lips straight into the limelight - all that jazz! imagine a shimmer and shine never witnessed before, with a molten finish and a bit of the ol' razzle dazzle to get everyone's pulse racing. riotously glamorous with a tantalizing texture and a seriously slinky finish.

  • rich, cushiony texture with a high-gloss, glide-on finish.
  • multi-dimensional pearls reflect light from every angle for a show-stopping metallic effect.
  • ground-breaking formula enriched with hydrating and protective actives algomega, omega 3, jojoba oil, and lady's thistle to keep lips soft, hydrated and sensuously smooth.

welcome, beauties!

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