isn’t it every girls dream to be surrounded by pretty things? I’m certainly fortunate to have turned that long time passion into beautybar.


after some time, and many faces,  as a makeup artist a few things occurred to me. the first was that most women I encountered were unsure of how to apply makeup, what type of products to select and how to use them to make themselves look their best. the next and most surprising discovery was that most women, despite being bright and accomplished, lacked confidence at a makeup counter. they either felt intimidated or pressured in to buying products they didn’t really need or want.

this led to the third insight and my aha! moment which was that there was no place to go that offered the best products (truly the best and not just hype) and had a welcoming atmosphere with great, helpful staff.

it was my goal with beautybar to introduce a place that was welcoming and encouraging. where you could receive friendly, personal service from informed staff and where you knew you would encounter a carefully edited selection of products based on the most discerning criteria.

my emphasis has been on product quality above all and trying to raise awareness about product ingredients. there were some funny looks at the onset. parabens, phalates,etc were not on peoples minds however I am thrilled that these strange words and other ingredients are actually a regular part of today's dialouge.

I feel very privileged to have had the opportunity tp introduce many brands to vancouver / canada and to have created this environment where people are excited about the space, the products and feel at ease to ask questions. I hope to continue to offer the best from around the globe and make every experience at beautybar better than the one before.

hope see you soon!

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