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Looking for a fun way to kick off a night out with the girls or just having a girls night in? Why not round up your girls and have a makeup party. Each party can be tailored to your needs, such as you may want to learn how to apply your makeup or you want to be spoilt and have it done for you. pass the bubbly please…


makeover parties - starting at $450
host your own makeover party… you’ve seen the remarkable before and afters on tv and in magazines. imagine seeing and experiencing those same kinds of transformations right before your eyes. now you can. invite a pro makeup artist to your home. make it fun. share the cost. have your friends over. watch everyone go from basic to bright and beautiful. uncover the real secrets behind flawless youthful faces – lose the blemishes, bags, or lines have makeup brought right to your party – no need to go out to buy makeup products. just select your party date, block off 3 hours and call your friends!! included: three hours with a makeup artist different looks on up to 4 guests

welcome, beauties!

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