so…you got this event coming up and you need to be fierce?

Maybe it’s a class reunion and your arch nemesis, yes her, is going to be manning the punch bowl.   How about that wedding your ex and his new girl are going to be at? Maybe it’s just a night out and you want to be the center of attention. you can’t risk doing your makeup yourself, can you? Schedule a makeup application with one of our makeup artists. Come to beautybar, relax, gossip, and then head off feeling confident, powerful, and sexy. We’ll have you looking foxy and fly.


diva glam makeup application - $75

diva glam makeup (offsite) - $125

diva glam tab (5 services) - $350

Special event? Hot date? Or just a night out with the girls? Here’s what we’ll do to make you look your best whatever the occasion. Review your specific requirements with a pro makeup artist. Makeup application will address the following to your specifications:
  • skin care: smooth and glowing
  • face shape: balance and reshape
  • eyebrows: get the right curve
  • eyes: enhance the shape and size
  • conceal: hide the negative
  • foundation: flawless face
  • powder: set to last
  • eye makeup: lasting prime & colour
  • mascara: miles long
  • blush: placed just right-cheek bones to die for!
  • lips: perfect pout--shades that flatter
diva express makeup- $45
diva express tab (5 services)- $200
  • eye makeup: lasting prime & colour
  • mascara: thick, smooth, long
  • blush: placed just right-cheek bones to die for!
  • lips: perfect pout--shades that flatter
teen makeup - $45
Selena, Miley, & Taylor--they don't get out of bed glowing and glittering. They've got the best tricks at their fingertips by way of a personal makeup artist. But their beauty secrets aren't reserved for celebrities alone. The same kind of makeup techniques famous faces count on can turn any young lady into a beauty.
prom makeup - $75
prom makeup off site application - $125
High school graduation is one of the most exciting events in the life of a teenage girl and we know you definitely want to look stunning! This is the time to go all out and have a little fun. We’ve got all the techniques to make you sparkle and look absolutely gorgeous for your big night.
photography / headshots - $65
men - $45
Makeup plays a major role to help you put your best face forward. Whether you are having professional head shots for your portfolio, business, or you need to look extra fabulous for the paparazzi we will ensure all factors; lighting, tone, and environment are considered to ensure that you are ready to impress! Even the guys need a little perfecting for their moment in front of the camera!

welcome, beauties!

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