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youth preserve eye cream

youth preserve eye cream || fresh || beautybar

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lotus youth preserve eye cream illuminates while delivering 24-hour moisture for a radiant, youthful glow around the eye area. the lightweight formula revitalizes the eye contour while combating dullness for a luminous, rested appearance. it includes Fresh’s super 7 complex, specifically designed to minimize and prevent early visible signs of aging, enhance radiance, and provide antioxidant protection, and is further boosted with protective star fruit extract.

the super 7 complex is a hydrating and radiance-boosting blend of 7 super-charged ingredients that promote a youthful-looking complexion:

  1. lotus flower extract, sourced from laos, defends against wrinkle-causing free radicals.
  2. blue-green algae helps to visibly minimize early signs of aging.
  3. hibiscus fruit extract boosts hydration.
  4. fig fruit extract helps to preserve ideal moisture levels.
  5. vitamin C is known for its antioxidant and protective properties.
  6. vitamin E helps soften the skin.
  7. vegetable glycerol attracts water and seals in moisture.

star fruit extract is proven to protect the skin from free radical damage, improving elasticity and reducing early signs of aging.


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