liquid hand soap - koke'e || malie organics || beautybar

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koke'e liquid hand soap

liquid hand soap - koke'e || malie organics || beautybar


enjoy a small touch of indulgence in your daily life with Malie Organics luxurious organic liquid hand soap and naturally cleanse with awapuhi extract while nourishing dry skin with organic aloe. offering the naturally hydrating and therapeutic benefits of Malie's pure Hawaiian hydrosols. this aroma is named in honor of Hawaii’s oldest rainforest and captures the crisp, refreshing scent of the native maile (pronounced my-lee) vine. lush. green. vibrant with life! this exotic aroma envelops you, filling you with peace and tranquility. our gift to you from the fertile heart of Kauai.

surround yourself with Hawaii’s natural foliage of wild plants and exotic florals. koke’e pairs the greenness of the islands’ native maile vine with the tanginess of fresh pineapple. dewy florals and crisp greens bring to mind the breathtaking natural beauty of Hawaii’s mountainous terrain and lush rainforests.

473ml / 16fl.oz

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