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ultra volume mascara

ultra volume mascara || amaterasu || beautybar


Amaterasu ultra volume mascara is a water-proof, clump and smudge-free formula which can help increase lashes up to three times its original volume. ultra volume mascara now lets you make your own optical illusions. the brush is specially designed to separate lashes while applying a volumizing formula to add definition and drama. the result? plump, primp, and provocative lashes that are sure to catch your eye.
but this isn’t just a trompe l’oeil: ultra volume mascara is formulated to stay on strong through water, tears, and sweat. working full-time to stay streak-free, this mascara makes sure it’s your every wink, blink, and flutter that’s turning heads, and not a river of black tracking down your cheeks.
even if you don’t believe in the dark arts, Amaterasu ultra volume mascara is one magic trick you won’t get tired of.

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