creamy eyes E126 - warm brown || ellis faas || beautybar

ellis faas

creamy eyes E126 - warm brown

creamy eyes E126 - warm brown || ellis faas || beautybar


the lifting, firming and protecting creamy eyes formula glides on like velvet. even a thin layer of this formula is extremely long-wearing and will stay fixed until taken off with a cleanser. creamy eyes is ideal for a quick smoky eye, providing sufficient playtime before drying. creamy eyes can also be used as a thick pencil.

active ingredients: 
+ para cress flower extract stimulates natural skin-lifting capabilities.
+ coffee extract works to increase collagen and elastin production while also increasing natural skin defenses.
+ extreme wear is delivered through the synthetic filming polymers in volatile oils.
+ the spongy soft mousse-like consistency of the texture is achieved through the innovative siliconic wax and siliconic gel in combination with beeswax

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