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alpha beta glotion for body

alpha beta glotion for body || dr. dennis gross || beautybar


reveal a healthy glow with encapsulated tanning agents in NYC dermatologist Dr. Dennis Gross’ moisturizing lotion that produce a subtle, natural, streak-free glow within 1-3 hours of application. Dr. Dennis Gross also included capislotm, an innovative ingredient which minimizes hair texture, length, growth, and reduces shaving frequency. packed with antioxidants and exfoliants, this moisturizer nourishes and energizes skin while the micro-encapsulated tanning agents penetrate the skin’s surface to resist fading and prolong your glow. caffeine offers the appearance of instant firming while soy protein helps restore a youthful, radiant look. this all-in-one self-tanning moisturizer is the shortcut to tanned, toned, glowing skin.

to use: smooth evenly over clean, dry skin on the entire body. for daily use in the morning or at night. wash hands immediately after application.


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